Secure communication
worldwide with a
crypto SIM-card

  • It works on smartphones, tablets, routers
  • Communication service is
    in 188 countries
  • Delivery of a SIM card
    takes from 1 hour to 14 days
  • Pay for IBS by tokens
    and get a discount!

Rate the possibilities of a new connection:


Mobile telecom operators put an extra charge for roaming from 200% to 1000%.


You get tariffs for calls / Internet and SMS at affordable prices.

at low rates
Calls / Internet / SMS
at affordable rates

The communications service provider passes calls through his channels and has access to conversations.


Each call is distributed among independent voice traffic providers.

routing of calls
Each call is performed through different communication channels

A subscriber of a regular mobile communication service is given a static incoming number (MSISDN) which can be used for revealing important subscriber data.


SIMX sim-card does not have a static MSISDN and access to personal identifiers is hidden from third parties.

Subscribers are protected from possible disclosure of MSISDN, IMSI, MNC, MCC, MSC

Absence of anonymity and security in the Internet network.


We pass all Internet traffic through the built-in VPN channels.

All Mobile Internet traffic goes through a VPN server

Personal number (MSISDN) gets disclosed during outgoing calls.


SIMX will display DISA number for your contact person making it possible for him to call you back by entering a short number.

Incoming calls are received via
direct international number

Mobile operators keep records of each subscriber in a centralized system and are poorly protected from data leakage.


We don't keep logs. We don't ask for personal information. We don't register actions of subscribers.

Data protection
Calls, Internet, SMS and USSD commands are secured
Calls within a closed network
Unidentified communication in a group of subscribers using short numbers

A telecom employee can be bribed and a duplicate sim-card can be issued without notifying the initial sim-card owner.


If the SIM card is damaged, lost or stolen,
you can restore it through the seed phrase.

SEED phrase
Unique secret key to
access the SIM card.

To separate personal and business life, you must have several sim-cards.


You can connect several numbers of different countries to SIMX sim-card and receive incoming calls and sms.

Virtual numbers
Incoming numbers of different countries on one sim-card
Universal sim-card,
fit for work on any device
No KYC rule
We do not ask for ID data when you buy and activate your SIM
No need to visit our office
We'll deliver your order to home/office or send it by email (eSIM)
Anonymous payment
We accept
cryptocurrency as payment
Available worldwide
The sim-card operates in
188 countries of the world
Convenient management
Tariffs, replenishment, expenses are managed online via Telegram-bot

Access to a subscriber's sms data base can be obtained by bribing a telecom employee, using hardware, software, billing system or by way of duplicating the sim-card.


You yourself choose a method of receiving and sending your sms (Telegram or SIM).

Secured sms
Receiving and sending sms-messages is done via the Telegram bot

SIMX cost $19,99

The start package
already includes:

  • 1 year subscription
  • $1 balance
  • SIM delivery
Order SIM

Subscription fee:

annual payment
for servicing a SIM card


With our sim-card you get a direct access
to Calls / Internet / SMS at cost price

Find a country

Popular countries

  • from $0,0048
    per 1 min
  • $0,0075
    for 1 Mb
  • $0,1232
    per 1 sms
  • from $0,0017
    per 1 min
  • $0,0156
    for 1 Mb
  • $0,1149
    per 1 sms
  • from $0,0078
    per 1 min
  • $0,0164
    for 1 Mb
  • $0,0813
    per 1 sms
United States
  • from $0,0017
    per 1 min
  • $0,0050
    for 1 Mb
  • $0,0821
    per 1 sms
  • from $0,0081
    per 1 min
  • $0,0240
    for 1 Mb
  • $0,0104
    per 1 sms

Find out the prices in 188 countries

    Our geographical spread

    SIMX operates in 188 countries of the world

    • Australia
    • Austria
    • Azerbaijan
    • Albania
    • Algeria
    • Angola
    • Andorra
    • Armenia
    • Afghanistan
    • Barbados
    • Bahrain
    • Belarus
    • Belgium
    • Benin
    • Bulgaria
    • Bolivia
    • Bosnia and Herzegovina
    • Botswana
    • Brazil
    • Burkina Faso
    • Burundi
    • Vanuatu
    • United Kingdom
    • Hungary
    • Venezuela
    • East Timor
    • Gabon
    • Haiti
    • The Gambia
    • Ghana
    • Guinea
    • Guinea-Bissau
    • Germany
    • Grenada
    • Greece
    • Georgia
    • Denmark
    • Dominica
    • Egypt
    • Zambia
    • Zimbabwe
    • Yemen
    • Israel
    • India
    • Indonesia
    • Jordan
    • Ireland
    • Iceland
    • Spain
    • Italy
    • Cabo Verde
    • Kazakhstan
    • Cameroon
    • Canada
    • Qatar
    • Kenya
    • Cyprus
    • China
    • Democratic Republic of the Congo
    • Costa Rica
    • Côte d’Ivoire
    • Cuba
    • Kuwait
    • Kyrgyzstan
    • Latvia
    • Lesotho
    • Liberia
    • Lebanon
    • Libya
    • Lithuania
    • Liechtenstein
    • Luxembourg
    • Mauritania
    • Madagascar
    • Macedonia
    • Malawi
    • Malaysia
    • Mali
    • Malta
    • Morocco
    • Mozambique
    • Moldova
    • Monaco
    • Mongolia
    • Myanmar
    • Namibia
    • Niger
    • Nigeria
    • Netherlands
    • New Zealand
    • Norway
    • United Arab Emirates
    • Oman
    • Papua New Guinea
    • Paraguay
    • Poland
    • Portugal
    • Republic of the Congo
    • Russia
    • Rwanda
    • Romania
    • Saudi Arabia
    • Swaziland
    • Senegal
    • Saint Kitts and Nevis
    • Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
    • Serbia
    • Slovakia
    • Slovenia
    • Sudan
    • Suriname
    • United States
    • Sierra Leone
    • Tajikistan
    • Tanzania
    • Togo
    • Tonga
    • Trinidad and Tobago
    • Turkey
    • Uganda
    • Uzbekistan
    • Ukraine
    • Uruguay
    • Fiji
    • Finland
    • France
    • Croatia
    • Central African Republic
    • Chad
    • Montenegro
    • Czech Republic
    • Chile
    • Switzerland
    • Sweden
    • Sri Lanka
    • Equatorial Guinea
    • Estonia
    • South Africa
    • South Korea
    • Sudan, South
    • Jamaica
    • Japan

    Get connected!

    4 simple steps

    Order a SIM card by clicking on the button

    Order SIM
    Order a SIM card
    Click on the button
    «Order SIM»,
    fill in the form
    and make a payment

    Choose a convenient way of getting it:

    Get a parcel
    We'll deliver a SIM card worldwide. Email (for eSIM), mail, courier delivery

    To activate
    the SIM-card, enter
    the USSD command:

    Activate SIMX
    Insert the sim-card into the telephone and switch it on. Then wait for connection to the network and enter the USSD command

    Top-up the balance by any convenient method:

    Top-up the balance
    Go to the balance top-up page, enter your FMC, select a payment method and make a payment

    Partner program

    We give $5
    to you and
    your friend

    More conditions
    Tell your friends about
    our crypto-SIM
    by sharing a link in social
    networks or instant messengers
    Get $5
    for each friend,
    who orders a SIM-card
    and makes a payment

    About the Company

    SC Telecom is an international telecom operator that provides exclusive anonymous and secure communication services in GSM
    and IP-telephony networks.

    During 6 years of successful work in the telecommunications services market, our team
    has gained extensive experience in the fields of:

    • GSM
    • Cyber
    • IP
    • Protection of SS7 networks and mobile devices
    Connections map

    subscribers worldwide

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